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Road to Truly Smart Systems


While many in the society are envisioning new digital services, it takes a true effort to put the potential of modern technology into practice and to come up with systems that meet the goals.

Art of Analysis and Implementation


Need to analyze something complex and try to find out what seemingly different things have in common? Or, need to implement something challenging as a software system?

Edge for Analysis


Like in creating a work of art by painting or composing music, it is not just the use of modern tools that results in the desired outcome.

Our services will get you covered

Automatic Road Condition Monitoring


Jalonne RoadData is based on crowdsourced phones attached to cars. The phones create data and images from the roads, and all this is stored automatically to a cloud.


The system analyzes automatically the collected data and creates information on the road conditions. This data includes e.g. the road roughness (IRI) and the condition estimates of unpaved roads. If needed the system can create reports or alerts to the road maintainer.

Car Motion and Crash analysis


The RoadData system is also able to analyze the motion of single cars in details. In this sense mobile phones are exploited as black boxes enabling crash and driving style analysis.

Our story


During this century digital systems have found their way to almost every part of life and they provide services nobody even dreamed of only a few decades ago. Under the hood these systems run very sophisticated algorithms carefully hidden behind the friendly user interfaces.


The requirements in building competitive next generation systems are getting beyond the current state-of-the art; to design and to implement smart systems that truly serve the needs of the customers, a clear and systematic view is an asset. User satisfaction in digital systems follows from simplicity, efficiency, and stability.

Jalonne was born from the work of a scientific research group specialized in the multidisciplinary field of modern technology, mathematics, and software system. Our staff has extensive experience in analyzing and designing systems on the limits of technology and in pushing forward such limits to come up with new and cost-efficient solutions and services.


Our vision is to help our customers to build systems that truly serve their customers. We help to dig out the hidden layers of sophistication and in implementing systems that push the limits forward to come up with new and better digital services.

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