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Our RoadData system is a complete road infrastructure information solution

Our Services

We excel in producing information via analysis. Our main product, Jalonne RoadData, offers for example:


Jalonne RoadData utilizes crowdsourcing with smartphones to measure and to capture images of streets and roads 24/7.


Using our AI and machine vision, detect defects etc. from images and sensor data.


Our system allows you to measure dimensions from locations selected by you.


The collected data can be explored via our web user interface

About RoadData

Automatic & Cost-Effective

There are too many streets and roads to monitor by the eye. Jalonne RoadData automatically analyses collected data and brings all the important information to the maintainers.

Jalonne RoadData is designed to minimize the running costs. The system has tools to detect defects and measure objects remotely.

Jalonne RoadData has a also machine interface enabling one to send data automatically to planners and job control systems.

GDPR Compliant

Our system utilizes AI to automatically detect people and vehicles and anonymizes them to comply with European GDPR.

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